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Why and what we do

Why do businesses spend so much time and money on branding, marketing, and sales? To make money! Duh!

But what does it mean when a customer emails you, responds to your cold call, or you get a sale? A customer reaches out to you to ask for help! They want you to create value for them! They give you their hard-earned money for that value you create for them. This is what we call Meaning.

Talk to any expert about your business, and they’ll ask… “What’s your unique value proposition?” In other words, what convenience or function does your business offer to the customer?

It’s an important question to answer, but I want to help you dive deeper. Let’s get to the core of why you do business, and why people do business with you.

Before we open a shutter, paint a line, or animate a single shape, we’ll help you answer one question…

What meaning does your business create?

Is it the birth of new relationships at your ice cream parlor? The classic confidence of a groom sporting one of your tuxedos? Or is it the festive smell of your hand-made candles on Christmas morning?

At Summers Creative, we build your brand around the meaning that you create. Because meaning, after all, is the ultimate value proposition.

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